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  • Making and distributing sandwiches to homeless people in our area.
  • Visiting Open Doors and praying for Christians in closed countries
  • Packing gift packs with toiletries for a local church for their weekly hospital visits.
  • Making colourful animal posters for nursery schools in Northern Limpopo.
  • Collecting 15 000 Easter eggs and individually labelling each one.
  • Decorating and stocking more than 300 shoe boxes with gifts and toiletries for underprivileged children in Venda and Braamfischerville.
  • Gr 4 & 5 classes making puzzles and work cards as an art exam for nursery school children in rural Venda.
  • Gr 4, 5 and 7 learners – sanding, painting and assembling 165 toy cars for this year’s Christmas boxes.


Some of our past outreaches included:


Tsholanang, Chichi, Veronica, Precious and Keziah carry boxes of Easter eggs into
Slovoville Primary School.


The next major project we undertook was collecting warm clothes for preschool children
at Arise Ministries in the Drakensberg. Our Outreach team and Teacher Kim made 161 scarves!


Another annual Outreach activity is our ball sports event with pupils from Casa Do Sol.
Our senior girls played their netball girls while our senior boys measured their soccer
skills against the Casa Do Sol soccer team. There was good competition (both teams drew)
as well as a wonderful spirit of acceptance and goodwill.


The Outreach team made sure that there were enough of their hand-made refreshments available to all; teams, staff and supporting family members.


 Many of our Outreach activities have been of a serving and encouraging nature. We have written thank-you notes and packed energy packs for ex-pupils who swam for our school in the NHS Primary Schools Gala. We have brought coffee and notes of appreciation to our After-School Care Centre teachers and to our ground staff. We have painted lane numbers at our swimming-pool and had a litter parade. We have wrapped “hospital gift packs” for the hospital ministry teams from Northcliff Union Church and Little Falls Christian Centre. We have been to Baby Haven and washed the babies’ toys before cuddling the babies and praying for them and their care-givers.


Thank you to the NWCS families for your generosity and commitment to helping us make a difference in other people’s lives. May our activities of serving and reaching out grow our hearts for even greater, more significant works in the future.







Some of the delectable hand-made refreshments supplied by the Outreach team.


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